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Dyversity Communications is the leading multicultural agency in Canada in breadth, depth and size. With over 21 years of ethnic advertising and marketing success, this 40-strong, full-service, award-winning agency has been spearheading growth in the burgeoning multicultural markets, for its roster of blue-chip clients. The agency’s multicultural expertise extends from Chinese and South Asian, to Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Russian, Iranian, Portuguese, Hispanic, Filipino, Greek and Arabic, and many others. Dyversity welcomes the opportunity to work together with clients and their brands, to advance multicultural success.

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Dyversity picked up 7 Awards at the 2016 Marketing Awards and 2016 Summit Awards.

Dyversity picked up 7 Awards (3 Silver and 4 Bronze) at the 2016 Marketing Awards and 2016 Summit Awards. This wins were across Print, Social Media, Outdoor, and Integrated (radio, online, print, poster). Our award winners (the work are attached) :

2016 Marketing Awards
1. SILVER - Multicultural Print. Winner : Unilever Knorr ‘Eid- Praying Forks’
2. BRONZE  Multicultural Print. Winner : OLG Lotto Max ‘Dare to Dream’
3. BRONZE   Multicultural Best-use-of-social-media. Winner : WelcomePack ‘I-Love-Canada’

2016 SIA Summit International Creative Awards
1. SILVER – Category: Consumer campaign – Local. Winner : OLG Daily Keno – Origami
2. SILVER – Category: Consumer magazine – Single. Winner : Hong Fook Mental Health Foundation – Brain
3. BRONZE – Category: Outdoor campaign Winner : Brooke Bond Tea ‘Bollywood’
4. BRONZE – Category: Consumer newspaper – Single Winner : OLG Ontario 49 Chinese New Year 2016


 EMA Trophy Created-COMBINED

Dyversity Communications wins ‘Leader Award’ at the 2015 Summit Emerging Media Awards for WelcomePack ‘I Love Canada’ campaign

Just back from 2016 New Year celebrations, Dyversity Communications the leading multicultural agency in Canada is celebrating again – this time for winning the ‘Leader Award’ at the Summit Emerging Media Awards (Summit EMA), for its ‘I Love Canada’ campaign for WelcomePack Canada.

For generations, Canada has been welcoming people from all over the world to her shores. So on Canada Day 2015, WelcomePack Canada (a program which welcomes newcomers to Canada) was inspired to create a platform for new immigrants and Canadians alike to get together and proclaim their love for Canada...




Dyversity wins 12 Metals at The 2015 Marketing Awards and Summit International Creative Awards

Dyversity Communications Inc. proved yet again that work that wins with customers, can emerge as winners at the awards shows as well. The agency brought home 12 awards – five at The Marketing Awards 2015, and seven at The 2015 Summit International Creative Awards, on work for Unilever, OLG, Smucker’s, PepsiCo, WelcomePack Canada, and Ethnic Channels Group – ZEE HD TV.



We are multicultural 360°

Full-service expertise

  • Creative and production aspects of TV commercials, print ads, radio commercials




  • Graphic design, artwork production of P.O.S. materials, brochures, logos, stationeries

  • Media planning, buying, and monitoring

  • On-line marketing, social media and website design

  • Experience in over 25 languages including Chinese, Hindi, Punjabi, Arabic,
    Tagalog and Persian.

  • Market consultation, strategic planning

  • Media relations, PR messaging and Experiential marketing

We are the Soul of Selling Power

multimedia - ideas - innovation

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  • WelcomePack


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  • Knorr Soups

    Knorr Soups

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  • Chinese Festivals

    Chinese Festivals

  • RBC Newcomers

    RBC Newcomers

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    Canada Post

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  • Lotto Max

    Lotto Max

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  • OLG 649

    OLG 649

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  • Santosh Naan

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  • Chartwell


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we are veterans at brand success

Blue-chip portfolio

We are the might of multicultural

over 40 full-time professionals

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  • Gabrielle Fung

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  • Angela Chan

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  • Lillian Kwong

    Lillian Kwong

  • Grace Ngan

    Grace Ngan

  • Russian


  • Jeffrey Almeida

    Jeffrey Almeida

  • Strategy


  • Viraj Ponkshe

    Viraj Ponkshe

  • Arabic


  • Andrew Srinarayan

    Andrew Srinarayan

  • Chinese


  • Arif Rasheed

    Arif Rasheed

  • Punjabi


  • Brian Cheuk

    Brian Cheuk

  • Copy of Italian

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  • Maureen Tang

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  • Allie Yeung

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  • Lilian Lo

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  • PR & Events

    PR & Events

  • Patrick Wong

    Patrick Wong

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  • Chris Lee

    Chris Lee

  • French


  • Cherry Yiu

    Cherry Yiu

  • Copy of Spanish

    Copy of Spanish

  • Sonam Sood

    Sonam Sood

  • Annie Cheung

    Annie Cheung

  • Wennie Yeung

    Wennie Yeung

  • Urdu


  • Pierre Tang

    Pierre Tang

  • Christine Lee

    Christine Lee

  • Client Servicing

    Client Servicing

  • Albert Yue

    Albert Yue

  • Creative


  • Sandra Tse

    Sandra Tse

  • Chinese Simplified

    Chinese Simplified

  • Ajey Trivedi

    Ajey Trivedi

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  • Sharon Chan

    Sharon Chan

  • Adrian I. Chin

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  • Sharon Chung

    Sharon Chung

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  • Jason Situ

    Jason Situ

  • Doris Chan

    Doris Chan

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  • Charlie Ho

    Charlie Ho

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  • Jessica Borges

    Jessica Borges

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  • Jensen Tsoi

    Jensen Tsoi

  • Frankie Cheng

    Frankie Cheng

  • Macross Yiu

    Macross Yiu

  • Scott Douglas

    Scott Douglas

  • Rachel Yuen

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